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Man, oh, man. I feel as though I am finally able to take a breath, but I can still feel the knots in my shoulders from carrying what seemed to be the weight of the world these past 40 days. After over a month of production we, friends, will be selling our products in 150 Urban Outfitters stores. As I breathe a much needed sigh of relief, i'm also bracing myself for whats to come next. Here is a little back story for those of you interested in our journey with this corporate account...

When approached by an Urban Outfitters intern over 6 months ago, I had one thought in my head - "Prove it!" I had the guts to ask this poor intern for her employment credentials before I put any bank in what she was saying. In her first email, she proceeded to tell me that she was an intern for Urban working to find small businesses to partner up with for their extending beauty line. Evidently, this intern had stumbled upon us through what I can only assume was Instagram (always use those hashtags, friends). She then began to go into detail about what the company "Urban Outfitters" was. It took everything in me not to say, "Of course I know what Urban Outfitters is. What the what." Once the intern in question coughed up her proof of employment, I honestly didn't know what to do. This wasn't a scam. This was the real deal. Urban Outfitters wanted my products. It all seemed so far out of my realm of reality that those of you who know me know that I didn't get excited. I didn't celebrate. I simply put on my war paint and prepared for battle. When they asked for 4,000 bath bombs, I met everyone who said "How are you doing to do it?" with "I just am."

In a few short weeks, I managed to get a business loan for more money than I have ever seen and get my team pumped for what would be the biggest accomplishment of my life. Tears have begun to roll down my cheeks upon typing the last part of that sentence. "The biggest accomplishment of my life." In a month, my team and I of 3 other people made over 4,000 bath bombs. Not only did we make them but we cut their labels, packaged, and wrapped over 4,000 bath bombs. I am in pure awe of those numbers. Pride does not even begin to describe what I feel for my company and my team. I would never have thought when I started this company almost 3 years ago that I would be working along side my very best friends to spread our products all over the country. Not only that, but in URBAN FREAKING OUTFITTERS.

Now for the real emotional stuff. For those of you that don't know, I started this business during a turning point in my life. Some would call it "rock bottom" and i'm one of those people. I hit rock bottom. I had absolutely no vision for my future and certainly no direction. So, as a way to enjoy life again, I taught myself a skill. That skill was making soap. The passion and love that I have for what we do here is what lifted me out from under the oppressive state of mind that I was drowning in. It was then and there that I realized how beautiful rock bottom truly is. How it can be such a gift if you allow it to be. It's like Bob Dylan said, "When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose." The point I'm trying to make here, folks, is that you should never give up on yourself. You truly have no idea the things you can accomplish. There are galaxies of possibilities for your life just waiting for you to grab one and run with it. Run like hell. The only person in your way is you. 

Phew, that was a lot! One more thing though. I am beyond grateful for everyone that has helped during this time. I've had friends of all kinds come by to lend a helping hand. I'm grateful for everyone that has donated money, without you things would have been a lot harder! So, thank you for being apart of this journey with us. I am also grateful to whatever it is that's out there shifting the cosmos and making way for my dreams. When you put goodness into the world, you get it back tenfold. To all of my friends, family, and customers: Keep spreading the goodness and thank you for everything.

Lots of love,


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  • So proud of your accomplishment!! Even prouder to be your customer :) Your post gave me Goose bumps!! You deserve every bit of success of achieve. Your products are the best I have ever used!! Keep reaching for the stars :)

    Nanette Todd

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