About Us

Wild Rituals Soap Company was started in 2013 by it's lead artisan Megan Thompson. Since then, the company has grown to be a local favorite in Winston-Salem, NC. The goal from the very beginning has been to create natural, simplistic, and innovative products for everyone. We pride ourselves on formulating our products with gifts from our Mother Earth. Getting you interested and involved in taking care of your body in a more natural way is what we're all about. With an over saturation of chemicals in drugstore products, we aim to bring you products formulated with the bare essentials of what you need to keep your skin in great shape. We are a brand that prides ourselves on transparency, trust, effectiveness, and being super duper cool. We believe in empowering women and young girls to follow their dreams. You may have spotted us in Urban Outfitters during the 2015 holiday season.



Megan Thompson is the Owner and Lead Artisan of Wild Rituals Soap Company. She's a self taught herbalist, soap maker, and knitter. Megan is a true believer in the power behind positive thinking. She's known for her outgoing and effervescent personality. She enjoys cooking asian inspired dishes, cuddling with her cat Penny, and finding a song to respond to most things you say.
Amy Sealey is a UNCG graduate with a degree in Art History and Religious Studies. Amy turned the business into a team by joining in 2014. She is your go to girl for all things dark, creepy, and macabre while simultaneously being a fairy princess. She enjoys building her Magic: The Gathering deck, collecting oddities, and spending time with her Nerd King, Billy. Amy helped perfect our bath bomb process and we've never looked back.
Stephanie Snipes is an Appalachian State University graduate with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development. Stephanie enjoys nurturing and growing all types of plants and is incredibly passionate about sustainable living. We're excited to have her on as our newest member of the Wild Rituals Family. Stephanie is an avid reader, devoted cat mom, and brings life to all she surrounds. 
Brittany Thompson is our official blogger and blog manager. Brittany has spent many years creating successful forums for women to communicate and uplift each other. She's an enthusiastic fangirl with a love of musicals and graphic design. Brittany brings laughter wherever she is with her proud and loud southern accent.  

Wild Rituals Soap Company is based out of Winston-Salem, NC. We use the highest quality of ingredients available. Made in small batches, each bar of our cold process soap is enriched with organic and unrefined Ghanaian shea butter. We strive to provide our customers with natural and beautiful products to nourish body and soul. To keep our entire process as green as possible, our workshop is cleaned with all natural products. All of our products are either vegetarian or vegan and are never tested on animals.



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