The Wild Ritual Box

$ 35.00

Wild Rituals began out of a need for my own self-care. We are now sharing that idea even further by offering these carefully curated boxes filled with products and items to aid in personal care of the mind, body, and spirit. The Wild Ritual Box is a monthly collection of Wild Rituals products and other wonderful earthly gifts for you to take some time to yourself to recharge, refresh, and realign yourself with your inner spirit. This product comes with FREE SHIPPING.


Each themed box will include full-sized + sample sized Wild Rituals products, Herbal Tea, and a combination of..

- Box exclusive Wild Rituals products

- Healing Crystals

- Handcrafted Smudge Sticks

- Palo Santo

- Incense

- Herbal Smoking Blends

- Ritual Candles

- Positive Affirmations and Mantras

- Box Exclusive Coupon Codes

...and other spiritual goods.

Please read very carefully:

Each subscription must be paid for by the 5th of every month if you wish to receive the current months' box.

All boxes purchased after the 5th will go over to the following months box. All boxes will be shipped to arrive around the last week of every month.

Each months box will be announced on Instagram + Facebook by the 15th of the previous month.

Examples of future boxes:

The Beauty Box

- Velvet Matte Color Tin

- Lunar Light Highlighting Stick 

- Rose + Chamomile Tea

- Rose Quartz

- Face Mask Sample

- Jasmine Incense


The Repose Box

- Calm Lavender + Oatmeal Soap

- Lullaby Amethyst Infused Aromatherapy Spray

- Relaxing Herbal Tea Blend 

- Lavender + Sage Smudge Bundle


The Fairy Tale Box

- Aphrodite Rose + Jasmine Soap

- Mermaid Lagoon Bath Bomb

- Hibiscus, Chamomile, and Citrus Tea

- Clear Quartz

- A small house succulant





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